Planned as a natural continuation of all involved schools’ previous projects on climate, sustainability, green energies and entrepreneurship, the innovative idea of our project is to take advantage from the EUROPEAN DIRECTIONS furnished by COP 21 and EU Innovation Union on eco-innovation, and to exploit them in the choice of university or entrepreneurship field our students will make once out of high school, without never forgetting the ethical and social instances linked to sustainability.
Our students are acquiring innovative eco-friendly knowledge and skills to be exploited in their daily life and future careers within a European dimension. 
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The Ethics of Sustainability

Guiding principles of sustainability - FR

Guided by the French team, students will discover what are the guiding principles of sustainability.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship

The Italian team will be responsible for the entrepreneurship aspect of sustainability

Environmental issues


The Icelandic team will be responsible for the final MOOCs and the Moodle platform.

New techologies and green jobs

The German team will be responsible for the economic aspect of sustainability.

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